Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid has often been given a bad reputation as being one of those powders that you do not want around your children or your pets in the home due to the toxicity of the powder. Boric acid powder is toxic, but the person must realize that the toxicity only occurs in large amounts. Sure, if someone sits down and starts to eat this they are going to get poisoned. However, consider that boric acid is used in a lot of medications that people use and they turn out fine. As most people point out, having boric acid powder in the house is not bad, as long as the person is not using inhaling or eating this.

With that being said there are many uses for boric acid. There are those boric acid powder uses that are great for cleaning. For example, adding some boric acid powder to the clothes that are extremely dirty helps to get them cleaner in the end, without having to wash them multiple times. In addition, those that have a dishwasher, and if they run out of dish detergent, they can use a combination of boric acid and baking soda in order to get the dishes really clean and sparkling.

Another use for boric acid powder is treating fleas that in the home. Many of those that have pets that come into the home are often finding that they drag fleas into the home as well. In order to get rid of these, the person should sprinkle boric acid around on their carpets and make sure that that it gets down into the carpets, in order to kill the fleas that are there. It can also be sprinkled onto furniture. For tile and other areas that pets are, dissolving some boric acid powder into the water and mopping with this is a great way to get rid of the fleas.

Those that have other insect problems are going to find that using boric powder with other ingredients is a great way to kill these ants, cockroaches, Palmetto bugs and so forth without having to buy those insecticides that have a horrible odor and are not safe for anyone to be around even after the insecticide dries up. Overall, boric acid powder is not as bad as people make it out to be. When used properly, it can be a real useful tool around the home and in the cleaning process to make everything much cleaner.

Where to Buy Boric Acid Powder

When it comes to using boric acid in the home more people are coming around to the idea, however, they are not really sure as to where they should be buying boric acid powder. The first place that people should focus on is the local store that they shop. This item is usually in the same aisle as the laundry detergents and bleach items. Therefore, it should not be hard to find if you can find it. However, most people report that they cannot find this at their local store. Therefore, the person should go around and check the other stores that are in their area.

Many people end up calling around until they know where to buy boric acid powder. Why is it so hard to find boric acid? Most stores only stock things that they know that they are going to sell, this is one of those products that up until recently, they have no had a real good chance of selling since so many people had the wrong idea about the powder.

One way that many people come across this item is by calling their local dry cleaning place that uses this powder in their line of work. The person can ask the owner just where they get their supplies, and some have even found that the person is willing to sell them a box of the boric acid that they have on hand. This is a long shot, however, for those that are desperate to find something to work on tough stains or to eliminate bugs, then they are willing to take it.

Overall when shopping for boric acid remember that you are going to more than likely end up trying out a few different stores before you find the store that is going to actually carry it.